What is Startup Memes?!

It’s a fun project that I decided to create to fullfill my curiousity to see how far can memes take an online business (with no paid advertising) to generating hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per month… simply by posing memes at various places across the web.

The Experiement:

  1. Scan Facebook / Reddit / Twitter for trending memes
  2. Go to a Meme Generator and create a similar meme around my niche ( startups in this case )
  3. Write a simple but useful post on any blogging platform ( I’m using Hexo )
  4. Be sure to set the meme as my sharable image ( most blogging platforms do this for you )
  5. Make the post title “clickbait-y”
  6. Post the article/meme to as many sites and social media platforms as possible on a set schedule

The Monitization Strategy:

The monitization strategy is to build a email list of people who are interested in starting their own businesses and then market various products to them by email. The secondary strategy is to post affilate offers directly into the content, however I would consider that gravy. Building the list is the primary objective.

This is the classic “content marketing model”, “lead generation”, “inbound marketing” strategy that marketers have been using for years. So is this any different??? No… this really isn’t different than perhaps any other ‘marketing guru’ is preaching.

So why am I doing it? Because I am an analytical guy and I want to figure out how these principles can apply to other businesses, niches, and entreprenuers.

how effective is this method of marketing for an app developer, a massage therapist, a local kitchen, etc

Is this the one marketing techinque that I would recommend to someone who can’t afford to do paid advertising yet, or should they not waste their time?

Metrics I’ll Be Watching

These are simple… Since this is going to be a ‘realatively free’ marketing technique, I am going to be keeping a close eye on the amount of time I am spending trying to generate traffic to the site and how many of those people sign up for my list.

  • Number of vistors / day
  • Conversion rate / 1000 visitors
  • Number of hours spent writing content / posting @$22.65/hr ( US average hourly rate - 2017 )
  • Number of posts per day ( correlates to number of sites )
  • Cost per 1000 visitors
  • Cost per converstion ( signups )
  • Revenue generated per day ( $/day )
  • Revenue per 1000 vistors ( EPC )

Final Words

While this seems so scientific, and thought out… in reality I am deploying this experiment in less than a day. I am a software developer and marketer by trade, so my skill sets let me crank this out faster than others may be able to implement them. But with that said…

I have no idea what's going to happen!

Just like you… or anyone else who may have a burning desire begin working on an idea or business, the most important thing is to just begin and find out what happens.

Let the experiement Begin!